How do I install Ubuntu 22.10 as a VM on macOS M1, M2 or M3 with UTM?

Good news! You can now install Ubuntu 22.10 as a virtual machine on macOS M, M2 or M3 with UTM. If you are a Mac user, MacBook Pro, M1, M2 or M3, you are probably struggling to install VirtualBox on your Mac. Well, this article presents you with a better alternative to VirtualBox, yes, I’m talking about UTM.

In this article, we will see step by step how to install Ubuntu 22.10 as a virtual machine on your Mac using the UTM emulator. By following the instructions provided, you will be able to install and configure Ubuntu 22.10 on your virtual machine and enjoy all the features of this OS.

Steps to install Ubuntu 22.10 Desktop on macOS M1, M2 or M3

Step 1: Download Ubuntu ARM and UTM

Before you start, you need to download UTM from the official website. Once the download is complete, install the application on your Mac by following the instructions.

Then download Ubuntu ARM from the official website. Note that the ARM version is designed specifically for the M1, M2 or M3 architecture of macOS.

Step 2. Create a new virtual machine

Launch UTM, then start creating a new machine by clicking on +.

 install Ubuntu macOS M1 UTM

Then select Virtualize if you have downloaded the ARM version of Ubuntu. If you have another version, choose the Emulate option, but your VM will be slow.

Click on Linux and add your Ubuntu ISO file.

Give the RAM memory and storage size to your VM, then click Continue.

 install Ubuntu macOS M1 UTM

Then, do not forget to give a name to your virtual machine, then save.

We will configure the network card before starting the installation. Select your VM, then click on the three bars at the top right.

 install Ubuntu macOS M1 UTM

Configure the network card in Bridge mode (advanced) to allow the machine to connect to the Internet and install updates.

 install Ubuntu macOS M1 UTM

Now it’s time to start the installation. Click on the play button and the installation starts automatically.

 install Ubuntu macOS M1 UTM

Step 3: Installing Ubuntu

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Select Try or Install to begin the installation.

Choose the installation language and follow the instructions.

Then, give a username and the root word of the machine.

Once the installation is complete, select restart.

While the machine is restarting, take the opportunity to remove the installation disk. This is to prevent the VM from booting again in installation mode.

 install Ubuntu macOS M1 UTM

Below is the interface of our machine, note that the machine is in server mode. To have the graphical interface, you have to install it. We will now proceed to the installation of the graphic interface.

Step 4: Installation of Ubuntu Desktop

To install Ubuntu Desktop, log in and run the following commands one by one:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop
$ sudo reboot

Once the installation is complete, reboot the machine with the sudo reboot command.

From here you can log in and access the graphical interface of your machine.

 install Ubuntu macOS M1 UTM
 install Ubuntu macOS M1 UTM

Enjoy this fact of Ubuntu 22.10 on your Mac M1, M2 or M3. Thanks for reading this article and see you soon for the next tutorials.

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