IPv6 subnet calculator allows you to quickly calculate IPv6 subnets on a given IPv6 address block of a network.

You just need to enter the block of your IPv6 address as shown below in the form. Then click on calculate to get the compressed version of the IPv6 address, the long version, the IPv6 address range and the number of IPv6 addresses in /64.

To get an accurate number of subnets, enter the desired value and calculate. You can also select by the value of /. But, this value must be higher than the value of your IPv6 block. For example, if your IPv6 block is /32, select /33 or more.

Please enter your IPv6 address and subnet size in slash notation as below:

Compressed IPv6 address:
Long IPv6 address :
Address prefix :
Address range from :
Number of addresses in /64 :

Select a number of subnets or a subnet size to divide it into:



In the same way that the VLSM Calculator is used to cut out the networks.

Subnetwork calculator