How do I install Alfresco on Ubuntu?

You’ve decided to dive into the world of Alfresco on your Ubuntu system, a decision that opens the door to a powerful open source content management world. In this article, we’ll take a step-by-step look at how to install Alfresco on Ubuntu.

What is Alfresco?

Alfresco is an open source ECM (content management system) offering a complete suite of content management functionalities. It enables companies to manage their entire document lifecycle, from creation to archiving.

It’s a robust open source platform offering advanced document management, collaboration and much more.

Here’s how to install Alfresco on Ubuntu :

Step 1: Prerequisites for Alfresco installation

Before you dive into the process of installing Alfresco on your system, make sure you meet these essential prerequisites to ensure a smooth setup.

  • Both physical and virtual servers are acceptable. Windows, Linux and UNIX servers have been successfully used in production.
  • We therefore recommend the use of 64-bit architecture servers.
  • A minimum of 4 GB RAM on the server.

Make sure that your system is up to date by executing the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt update & sudo apt upgrade -y

For this tutorial, we’ll be using Ubuntu 22.04. You can use Ubuntu 18.04 or Ubuntu 20.04.

Step 2: Install dependencies

To get started, you’ll need to install some of the required libraries on your system. First, you’ll need to add the third-party PPA repository to your system.

You can add it by running the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:opencpn/opencpn -y

Next, update the repository and install all the required libraries with the following command:

sudo apt-get update & sudo apt-get install libfontconfig1 libsm6 libice6 libxrender1 libxt6 libcups2 opencpn libcairo2 ttf-mscorefonts-installer -y

This is the output of the command.

Accept the End-User License Agreement for the software, then click on Ok.

Accept the terms of the EULA license, click Yes.

Wait for the dependencies to be installed.

Step 3: Download Alfresco onto the system.

We will now download Alfresco using the following command:


Downloading may take a few minutes, so please be patient.

Once the download is complete, issue the ls command to view the file.

Now grant execution permissions to the download folder.

sudo chmod 755 alfresco-community-installer-201707-linux-x64.bin

This will ensure that the installation file has the necessary permissions to run on your system.

Step 4: Install Alfresco

To launch the Alfresco installation, use the command :

sudo ./alfresco-community-installer-201707-linux-x64.bin

You will be redirected to the GUI installation screen, follow the instructions.

Now select the English language and click on the Validate button. You should see the following screen:

Click on the Next button. You should see the following screen:

Now click on the easy installation type and click on the Next button.

Choose a folder to install Alfresco, then click Next. You should see the following screen:

Create the administrator password, then click Next.

Now select Yes, then click Next.

Click on the Next button. You should see the following screen:

How do I install Alfresco on Ubuntu?

Now click on the Next button to start the installation.

Wait for installation to finish.

How do I install Alfresco on Ubuntu?

Once installation is complete, click on Finish.

How do I install Alfresco on Ubuntu?

And wait a few minutes for Alfresco to deploy correctly on your system.

How do I install Alfresco on Ubuntu?

Step 5: To open the port in the firewall.

If you have enabled the firewall on your system, it is important to open port 8080. This allows access to the Alfresco web interface.

Here is the command to use:

sudo ufw allow 8080

This is the command output.

See also: How do I install and configure UFW on Ubuntu 22.04?

Step 6: Access the Alfresco web interface

To access the Alfresco web interface, open your browser and type the server’s IP address followed by 8080 /share.

Here’s an example:

Replace the IP address above with the IP address of your server.

How do I install Alfresco on Ubuntu?

Use the username: admin and the password you created during installation.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed Alfresco and below is the Alfresco administration interface.

How do I install Alfresco on Ubuntu?


Installing Alfresco on Ubuntu is an exciting step that opens the door to advanced, efficient content management. With its robust functionality and user-friendly interface, Alfresco offers a complete solution for document management, collaboration and much more.

By following the steps described in this guide, you now have Alfresco up and running on your Ubuntu server. Don’t forget to customize the settings to your specific needs and take advantage of all the features Alfresco has to offer.


What are the prerequisites for installing Alfresco on Ubuntu?

  • Both physical and virtual servers are acceptable.
  • 64-bit architecture servers are recommended.
  • Application servers can be balanced for performance as well as for high availability/troubleshooting, however, sticky sessions are required.

How do I add the Alfresco repository to Ubuntu?

To add the Alfresco repository :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:opencpn/opencpn -y

How do I download and install Alfresco on Ubuntu?

  • Download Alfresco from the official website.
  • Give execution permissions to the downloaded file.
  • Start installation with the command :

How do I open port 8080 in the Alfresco firewall?

To open port 8080 :

ufw allow 8080

How do I access the Alfresco web interface?

  • Open your browser and go to :
  • Use username: admin and password defined during installation

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