What is Cisco IOS?

Cisco IOS for Internetwork Operating System is a Cisco proprietary operating system running on Cisco routers and switches. We also talk about the Cisco IOS Images file.

Its main role is to ensure the operation of the router and switch, especially the communication between the different nodes of the network.

IOS Router or switch

It should be noted that the Cisco IOS is different from the operating systems we have on our computers. Because they don’t work the same way.

Cisco IOS is a command line operating system for router and switch configurations.

The IOS is designed to meet the operating requirements of routers or switches, including the various protocols. The IOS is used for the different configurations of the protocols and others on the equipment.

Routers and switches store configuration files in their flash memories. This is why you should always save the configurations before leaving the configs process.

What are Cisco IOS images?

Cisco IOS images are the Cisco IOS files. They contain the system codes that routers and switches use to operate.

In other words, the Cisco IOS image contains the IOS itself and all the modules that go with it.

An IOS image can only run on routers or switches and also on virtual simulators or emulators of network equipment.

It should be noted that the majority of Cisco IOS images are not free. You must therefore purchase a license before using them.

What is the IOS command?

The command line interface, also known as the Cisco IOS CLI, is the primary interface used for configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco devices.

This CLI allows network administrators to configure routers and switches. Often by typing and executing IOS commands via a console, terminal or remote access.

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