What is a computer network?


A computer network can be defined as a set of computer equipment interconnected to share resources (files and/or printers for example) and services. These equipments can be computers, smartphones, servers,… . They communicate with each other using certain common communication standards called protocols.

Below is an example of a computer network architecture:

Computer network architecture
Computer network

In the above example of computer network architecture, two computers (PC5 and PC3) are directly connected to each other via a network cable. This small network can be used to share data between these two computers only.

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And if we want to share data between more than two computers? Then we will need a network device called a switch or hub.

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This will allow us to connect more than two computers together as shown in the figure below. An example of a network architecture with more than two computers:

Computer network architecture

All computers or other devices on this network can now communicate with each other using the switch.

Switches allow the devices on your network to communicate with each other. Together with other networks, it creates a network of shared resources.

Through information sharing and resource allocation, switches save you money and increase productivity.

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