How to add a website on CyberPanel?

Previously, we have seen the installation of CyberPanel. As you may already know, CyberPanel is a powerful and easy-to-use web hosting control panel. In this guide, we will see how to add a website on CyberPanel step by step so that you can start managing and hosting your websites efficiently.

Create a site package

By default, CyberPanel adds new sites to the default package. You can create different packages for each site and limit the resources the site should use.

Just like with any other control panel, to add an account you must first create a package.

To do this, click on Package in the left-hand menu of the dashboard and choose Create Package. On this page you can choose the number of domains, e-mails, FTP accounts, etc. In the image below, you can see that the limit number for each option is chosen as 0 or unlimited.

How to add a website on CyberPanel?

Add a website to CyberPanel

After creating a package, it is time to add a website (domain name). On the dashboard, click on WEB SITES.

Then click on CREATE WEBSITE.

Create a website, then fill in the information as shown below:

Select the package: select the created package

Select owner: select the user account created

Domain name: Name of the website to be created

Email: your email address

Select PHP: select the PHP version for your website

SSL: If you check the SSL section, CyberPanel will automatically register Let’s Encrypt SSL.

DKIM Support: If you check this section, CyberPanel will automatically create a DKIM for the domain’s email.

protection open_basedir : website protection function

Create Mail Domain : CyberPanel will create an email subdomain to manage emails

Once you have filled in the information, click on Create Website. The creation takes some seconds and you will have the result below.

How to add a website on CyberPanel?

Then go to WEBSITE LIST to view and manage the new site.

How to add a website on CyberPanel?

The above page displays the website or accounts you have added to CyberPanel. You can also manage your websites here, including adding a new website.

Now you can take advantage of the features and benefits offered by this control panel to manage and host your websites efficiently. Feel free to explore other CyberPanel features to learn more.

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